On Shit

Poop. It happens.
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This ties in with my thoughts on life not being fair, but the fact of the matter is random stuff happens to us all. Without warning, without cause, without rhyme or reason.

Shit. Just. Happens.

The first step? Accept that shit happens.

The second step? Deal with it. Don’t bother arguing, don’t rail against the unfairness of life, don’t cry about it … just accept your lot and deal with it.

Shit happens. It happened to you. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it. Once it’s happened, it’s too late. Again, deal with it. Whatever the issue might be, accept that it has happened, and deal with the consequences.

That might mean taking action, particularly if those actions might prevent shit from happening again.

It might mean leaving for work a few minutes later.

It might mean changing your entire life’s direction.

It might mean nothing at all.

It depends on the shit. And shit happens in piles of all shapes and sizes.

The third step? Level up your shit-wrangling skills.

Expect it. Prepare for it. Welcome it. Handle it. Move through it. Move past it. Thank it for the lesson(s) it’s taught you.

There’s no undoing it. No going back. Shit has happened. That’s in the past.

Rather than an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. I don’t know what that looks like for you. It depends on the nature of the pile you’ve been handed. But if there’s a way to pass through it and emerge a better person, find it. Do it.

As I’m told the Navy Seals say: Embrace the suck.

1 thought on “On Shit”

  1. Some people really like to argue for their limitations, even though it’s very easy to rearrange
    their mind. They attach great importance to their imagination without realizing that the world
    is their projection of it. In other words, most people talk themselves into their, quote: “uninvited,” life situations and then don’t or won’t take credit for those artistic manifestations.
    They use disparaging descriptive words with the hope that all of it will just go away but never
    stop talking to themselves about it. Every pleasure requires discipline to understand that it’s
    more fun to allow time and space to flow unimpeded from ecstasy to ecstasy, without
    historical force. Our clouded minds meet difficulty when we won’t stop our thoughts. We can learn to be still and listen to the divine.

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