On Positivity

Grumpy Frog is Grumpy.
Grumpy Frog is Grumpy. (Image: canva.com)

This is almost in direct opposition to my thoughts on “the secret.

I also can’t explain it, but I’ve seen it often enough to believe.

The universe rewards a positive attitude.

What I see in my work helping people with technology is simply this: those who approach technology with a positive attitude — curiosity, wonder, seeing opportunity — have a better time with technology overall than their grumpier counterparts.

Put the other way, people whose approach to technology is based in anger and frustration have more problems. They just do.

And, no, I don’t believe I have the order wrong (people are grumpier because they have more problems). I’ve seen it often enough that I believe the correlation exists.

Grumpier people have more problems. Positive people have fewer problems.

I get that correlation is not causation. I have no data saying definitely that attitude directly affects outcome. But I have enough anecdotal experience to believe a relationship exists.

I also extrapolate it to the rest of the world outside of tech.

It’s my belief that those who approach life with a positive attitude have a better go of it on average. Of course, it’s not an absolute — there are certainly examples of people with positive attitudes being served a life of hell — but on average, overall, positive people do better.

I can only theorize some reasons that may be.

For example, when a grumpy person approaches me with a problem, I’m less inclined to help, or give it my best effort. It’s human nature. I can only surmise that this is true of others the grumpy person might interact with. When faced with a negative attitude, others are less inclined to interact. As a result, the person doesn’t get the help or information they need, or get it as quickly, if at all. They end up having more problems, longer. And getting grumpier, no doubt.

Negativity repels.

Not just those who might help you with your latest problem with Windows, but those who might help you throughout life.

It’s worth reflecting on. If you’re having lots of problems and little success, are you making it worse with your approach?

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  1. You are so right, Leo! I have spent the whole of my adult life with a positive attitude about everything. I believe tat there is always a reason to be glad and have been called PollyAnna several times because of this. (Remember the movie?) I tried negativity for much of my childhood and I can say that, truly, it doesn’t work for life in general and it does indeed repel. Now, in my old age, I continue to practice positivity and it still works. Just a “How are you today?” can bring a smile and better service from most clerks or service folks. People ask me why I’m always in a good mood and my answer: positivity and gratitude.

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