Early Retirement

I don’t really believe in traditional “retirement”. The concept being that you work for some number of years, stop, and go on to a life of leisure at best, or boredom at worst.

I never planned to stop working, and I still don’t. To me my work is my “life of leisure”, so to speak. It’s what I expect to be doing my entire life.

But technically I am retired.

When I left Microsoft in 2001 I, technically, retired. I hadn’t planned on working for someone else again.

Instead, life lead me to end up working for myself. I now joke that I’m working harder in retirement than I did at Microsoft.

I’m grateful for the opportunity – both to have “retired” at the age of 44, and to be enjoying the work I do during that “retirement”. I hope to keep doing it for as many years as my mind and body will let me.

1 thought on “Early Retirement”

  1. That’s great! Finding a job you love todo and enjoying it for life. Great gift in caring too in sharing your skills with others.
    Congratulations & thank you mate!

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