Words like courage and leadership and inspiration are hard to define and quantify, yet we know each when we see examples around us. Sometimes it seems that as a culture we perhaps use them a little too often and by doing so devalue their use when they’re more truly appropriate.

Courage is making difficult, even life altering and often personal decisions; decisions that could come at a high personal cost. Courage is moving forward through exceptionally difficult times, making reasoned, yet difficult choices, often to the benefit of people other than yourself.

Leadership is most effective when it’s leadership by example. By moving forward down a path that is both difficult and yet somehow “correct”, effective leaders show us how to best do whatever it is we do in a way that speaks to us and compels us to grow and/or follow, and in so doing become better than we are.

Inspiration is what happens when you have the courage to put that leadership on display for the world to see. To do so so that others can be moved to perhaps take courage from your courage when faced with situations relatable to your own.

I don’t claim those are the only definitions of those words – far from it. But they’re the definitions that speak to me this morning.

I also don’t normally wax poetic, or at all, about the entertainment industry or its stars.

But I do feel, today, that Courage, Leadership and Inspiration all apply to Angelina Jolie.

2 thoughts on “Courage”

  1. Hi Leo ,

    I sent an email similar to this in the past and I am not sure that
    you received it, so , I will send this similar one again .
    I want to thank you for reminding (nagging) your fans, readers,
    friends, & clients over and over again about the importance making backups .
    Actually , you seem to be the only person who cares enough
    and realizes the seriousness of protecting what is on a person’s
    computer . Like you have said over and over , important files
    can be lost in a moment & forever without proper backup . I
    heard of a guy that was working on his thesis and was just almost
    finished and then poof , it was gone and there was no back up .

    So , once again , I thank you for looking out for us so that we
    can look out for ourselves .

    A faithful subscriber ,

  2. Hi Leo ,
    Inspiration to me is a transfer of energy that brings joy, hope , & motivation to
    the one who is inspired.

    Now back to backups… I just discovered one more reason for you to share with
    your subscribers why making more than one backup is vital. I use Safehouse
    Explorer to encrypt my many files. Google drive is one of the cloud services
    I use to store my encrypted documents. The other day I went to Googledrive
    to open a file and it wouldn’t open . It said “Disk error unabe to open” Now
    wonder if I only had that as a backup and my hardrive was dead. Once Safehouse
    says that it cannot open a file , that is it ! There is nothing one can do. So, the
    moral of the story is that Leo is right . One should make a number of backups
    because there are a number of things that can happen that can make ones files
    unaccessible or gone .


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