I’ve talked about our breeder, now it’s time to talk about something else Corgi-related: the community.

Yes, there’s a “Corgi community”, and it’s pretty darned cool.

Today is the 16th time we’re hosting the Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic. We invite Corgi owners from around the area to come spend the afternoon with us. We’ve had to limit attendance to around 100, but we’ve had as many as 150 people and dogs running around our acre of fenced back yard.

I honestly don’t know if the owners of other breeds are quite as crazy as Corgi owners, but it’s an interesting mix, to be sure. And as the title of today’s missive implies, it’s a community. There are several social media groups, mailing lists, meet-up groups, and more, all with the common thread being our ownership and/or love of the breed.

Members of the community get together periodically in multiple ways ranging from a periodic walk in a park to our annual Corgi-fest.

Where the community shines, however, is when a member reaches out for help. Be it personal help, or just having run across a Corgi in need, the word goes out and the community mobilizes. Corgis lost are found, Corgis found are returned, Corgis abandoned are found homes. Corgis in need of transport get rides. Corgis in need of assistance get help.

The members of the Corgi community are, by and large, a group of wonderfully supportive people brought together by a common interest.

I’m honored and grateful to be a member.