All Eyes are On You — Don’t Screw this Up

Democrats, you’re under the microscope

Gas Co ball, Trocadero, July 1941
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In a recent political discussion, I discovered something shocking: the person I was talking with attributed the same horrible fears to my side as I did to theirs.

The bullet lists were nearly identical.


I don’t believe there’s a short term fix. “How do we change their minds?” is not the question, because minds aren’t going to change any time soon.

The answer is both simpler and more difficult.

Show them they’re wrong.

Start by listening

The single most important thing you can do is listen with an honest desire to understand the answer to “how can you possibly believe THAT?”

Don’t argue. Don’t react. Don’t throw facts. Don’t “prove them wrong”; you can’t.

Listen. Listen deeply and with the intent of understanding why they believe what they believe.

Without understanding, there can be no convincing.

And even then, don’t try to convince. If you respond at all, agree. Agree that there is an issue to address.

Above all, care. Care about the people, care about their concerns even if you don’t agree with their solutions.

Your actions will be your response

People don’t believe the words of politicians, particularly those with whom they disagree.

This is nothing new. The motives of those in or reaching for power have been and will always be suspect.

It’s what you do next that matters. It’s the actions you take and the decisions you make that tell everyone who you really are.

Take actions and make decisions showing you truly understand.

Be honest until it hurts

There’s a reason so many people consider “honest politician” an oxymoron.

Don’t be that.

If our country needs anything right now it’s a healthy dose of integrity and honesty.

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and act in ways showing it.

The moment you lie, the moment you even twist the truth or defect an answer, you’ve failed.

This is hard. That’s why it’s so incredibly important.

Act with integrity

Be who you claim to be.

One of the quotes making the rounds recently was:

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Your actions will speak louder than any words.

Over the course of the next two (or four) years, all eyes will be on the democratic leadership, the party’s choices, accomplishments, and promises made.

All eyes will be on your actions.

Don’t screw it up.


2 thoughts on “All Eyes are On You — Don’t Screw this Up”

  1. I agree completely! I hope that those elected officials – on both sides – realize that we are watching like never before!

  2. Compromise “with in reason”. Is the the key I think.
    As a united community I think we have lost that action and why?
    If someone can answer that then we might be on the road to recovery as a nation.
    We need to stop thinking of our self first but try to include the less fortunate.
    Listening to others and what they have to say is very important for all of us.
    We are citizens of the greatest nation on earth and we should start acting like it.

    My two cents worth…..

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