We Can Each Make A Difference

We’re being flooded with negativity. Every day, it seems, there’s something newly horrific, upsetting, depressing, embarrassing, or just wrong that comes across our news feeds or in our personal communications.

I think it’s having a deeper impact on our collective well-being than most people realize.

That was brought home to me again this morning when I received the following in response to one of my mailings:

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What Is It About 4 AM?

Four o’clock in the morning is a magical and often anxiety ridden time for me. I don’t know what makes it special, but when I wake up at 4AM there’s a certain consistency in how I frequently feel, or where my mind often goes.

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Getting Away

It’s common wisdom that sometimes you need to “get away” from your normal day-to-day surroundings. A change of scenery, as it’s often called, can bring renewed energy and fresh perspectives.

The problem, so to speak, is that there’s getting away, and there’s getting away.

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Drama Magnets

Over the years I’ve known several people that have more than their share of bad luck; I suspect most of us have.

I use the term “bad luck”, but it really encompasses an entire range of situations, scenarios, and circumstances that – through no visible fault of their own – result in bad things happening to those acquaintances.

My wife and I have started to characterize them as “drama magnets.” It seems that everything could be going along swimmingly, and out of nowhere, some kind of drama finds them.

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In Your Own Voice

One of the problems we have as writers is feeling like we need to continually come up with something new to say.

The problem, of course, is that in so many ways there’s precious little that’s truly new, or that isn’t already being said by others. This is something that I had to face from the start with Ask Leo!. There were, and are, plenty of tech sites answering questions and providing information for the public — often about exactly the same topics I address.

What I learned is that as important as what you say is how you say it. That, in a way, makes it new.

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It’s a Conspiracy!

One of the issues I face periodically on Ask Leo! is that of what we colloquially call “conspiracy theories.”

Be it part of a question, or just a rant, I get comments from people from time to time that are absolutely convinced that there’s a massive government or corporate conspiracy to invade their privacy, steal their information, or worse. Usually it’s of the generic variety — “they’re after us all” — but I’ll occasionally see the more personal version as well — “they’re after me.”

This bothers me in part because these folks are choosing to live a life in fear that is generally unfounded.

What worries me more is that it often prevents them from doing things that would benefit them, or ironically, protect them.

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Accepting What You’re Told

It’s frustrating.

I watch the scenario play out on TV all the time. People are given some information and accept it without question.

Right or wrong, true or false, intentionally deceptive or accidentally misleading. Blind acceptance from someone in a position of perceived power or beguiling intrigue.

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