Archives for January 2017

Dealing With Persistent Malaise

When it comes to the state of the world, to the state of politics, to the state of our leadership, I’m lost, I’m frustrated, I’m stuck, I’m a little afraid, and I don’t know what to do about it.

Now What?

Yesterday’s Women’s March left me with a question.

The Voice Recorder I Want

I love my mobile phone, but there’s an important task that I can’t use it for, so I’m stuck carrying a second device with me.

The Probability of Understanding Stastics

People have a hard time with large numbers, small numbers, probability, and statistics. My father was a classic example.

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Fully autonomous driving technology is on the horizon. People’s acceptance of it? Perhaps not so much.

Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is

We need to support media with our attention and our dollars, or risk continuing to sink further into clickbait nation.