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Not. My. Monkeys.

I have opinions. (I’ll wait for everyone that knows me to stop laughing….) I tend not to be terribly shy about sharing said opinions. (Again, another pause for the audience to catch their breath….) I recently read an article that discussed how the Dutch are somewhat more “brutally honest” when it comes to opinions, and […]


Dagmar, 2004-2017 Dagmar was our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi – “the Corgi with a tail”. And what a tail it was! While genetically not a “fluffy”, Dagmar was blessed with a particularly luxurious coat that gave her long flowing feathers and and a flag-like tail. We’d actually met Dagmar in 2007 on one of our […]

The Insidious Bubble

No surprise: what we experience and expose ourselves to directly impacts what we believe to be true.