Upcoming Changes to My Personal Blog

(Image: canva.com)

I wanted to give you a heads-up about some changes I’m making to my personal blog.

Email subscribers: you get to hear about it first.

The biggest should be readily apparent: in the past those first two sentences would be all you’d get via email. If it sounded interesting and you wanted to read the rest, you’d have to click through to the blog post on the website.

Now these emails will contain the full text of my blog posts. No need to click through, unless you want to leave a comment.

I’ve alluded to more activity coming in my personal blog. I’m working on a project related to my 65th birthday in September that will include more frequent postings. This is all in preparation for that. In the meantime, any posts I make between now and then will be emailed in this new format as well.

I hope you find what’s to come of value but thank you either way for being here.