On Today and Tomorrow

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Live for today — tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Don’t squander what you have, save for tomorrow.

Well, which is it?

As with so many things, it’s neither one nor the other.

All things in moderation and balance, including living for today and saving for tomorrow.

I see many people spending so much time saving for, planning for, working for some distant future that they completely miss living today.

The stereotypical example is the working stiff who spends all his time at work, failing to notice his family, and failing to take part in his kids growing up. Suddenly, when (if) he reaches a point where he can dial it back or retire, he looks back on a life he completely missed.

At the other end of the spectrum are those spending all their time and resources on the moment — partying, experiencing, doing whatever — but with no plan or preparation for the future. In the worst case, they end up as some of the homeless. More commonly, they’re the folks who find one day that they have no money and few options. The result is a lifestyle and standard significantly below what they had expected.

Of course, the answer, to the extent there is one, is to be mindful of both extremes. Live in the middle.

Work, plan, and save, but not to the extent you miss life happening around you. Take that vacation. Buy that car. But make sure there’s something left over for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, it’s true. But then neither is not having one.

You could live a very long life, and it’s something to consider.

Live for today, and save for tomorrow.

I didn’t say it’d be easy.

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  1. As a black and white negative, your narrative image tells even more about balance. Great words to ponder.

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