The Lesser of Two Evils?

It’d be easy to sit back after this election cycle and honestly wonder what happened to humanity.

I’ve been seeing friends post things on Facebook like “voting for HWSNBN(*) means you’re a misogynist, a racist, and whatever else he is”, or “even if you’re not, you explicitly choose to support those values”.

Uh…. no.

As much as I dislike the man and what he stands for, I can now comprehend voting for HWSNBN without necessarily endorsing all of his values. Pick any candidate you like, and you’ll find something to disagree with. Would it be appropriate for someone to say that by supporting that candidate you’re explicitly supporting even those items you disagree with? Of course not.

But the items being disagreed with are so terribly disagreeable!

Makes no difference.

A number of people have said that there’s no such thing as choosing the lesser of two evils in a race like this.

I disagree. In fact, I’ll claim that almost every political campaign boils down to choosing who you disagree with the least. The lesser of two or more evils. Sometimes that looks a lot like the candidate you also happen to agree with the most but that’s just the same thing from another angle. There’s no candidate with which you or I would agree completely.

As abhorrent as the rhetoric from one candidate might be, I can understand voting for them if you honestly, truly, believe every other alternative is a more abhorrent choice, albeit for different reasons.

I can’t say that I agree with you. But I’m at least starting to understand why you did what you did.

(*) He Who Shall Not Be Named. I’m not a fan.