Dinner in Hell

Today was a “day off”, so we shuttled into “downtown” Rotorua for some shopping and just general wandering around.

Rotorua is fundamentally a tourist town – you can tell by the number of souvenir shops if nothing else; often three on a single block. Fortunately there’s also a wide variety of restaurants and other things to see and do that make it an interesting little town.

The other sign that this is a tourist-driven economy is the number of empty storefronts. Clearly Rotorua has been impacted by the economic turn down. One can only hope that it, and cities around the world like it, will start to see the effected of a recovery soon.

We had dinner in Hell.

Quite literally.

Hell makes good Pizza

Hell serves good pizza.

And yes, while I was there I made sure to drop off one of these. It only made sense.

A few more pictures from recent days added to LeosPictures.com.

Tomorrow: we’re bussing it to Auckland.

2 thoughts on “Dinner in Hell”

  1. I was taught Geography at school in London by Ian Timms.
    He was born in Rotorua.
    He was a superb teacher and a very nice man.
    Hope you find all the residents of NZ as nice as him.

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