I keep having to apologise to people for taking to long, going dark, and
just generally being so over committed that everything is suffering.

I decided to enumerate all the “things” that are, and have been, going on in life lately – not as an excuse,
more as explanation:

  • Figuring out a new location for the doll shop.

  • Changing credit card processing at the doll shop.

  • Website updates for the doll shop.

  • Major, major software updates for the doll shop.

  • Selling mother-in-law’s house.

  • Dealing with mother-in-law’s health issues (by proxy – this has much more impact on Kathy)

  • Build out one client’s new web server.

  • Configure another client’s email system.

  • Try to remain somewhat responsive to other client’s requests, and the backlog of 118 items in my issue tracking database.

  • Trying to answer questions on Ask Leo! daily (more like 5 out of 7 each week).

  • Prepping for a houseguest later this month. (Essentially just puts a deadline on several maintenance tasks.)

  • Replacing a fence. (300 feet planned this year, of a half-mile total)

  • Repairing the RV (a storage compartment door – fell off.)

  • Trying to post something worthwhile on Taming Email once in a while.

  • Make sure that Forwarded Funnies keeps pushing out humor daily.

  • Prepping for and finally delivering The Ask at a fundraiser for my dad’s nursing home. (Big success, by the way. 🙂

  • Visit my dad regularly, and make sure that his needs, though now few, are met.

  • Trying to remain active and inject energy and some energy and leadership into the entrepreneurial volunteer opportunity
    for the local non-profit I work with, and who’s board I’m on.

  • Staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues – or trying to.

  • Monthly and quarterly bookkeeping for the doll shop and my business.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. Or more than one something.

And while I do try to carve out some mental health time, that’s difficult
to come by as well. And reading? Ha! (Though listening to podcasts as I drive around is a big win :-).

So if you’re one of those folks who’re feeling ignored, please don’t take it