Auckland Meet-Up

Thank You! to John, Dave and Jerry who joined me at the Symonds Street Starbucks. It was very nice to meet you all.

I’m sorry there’s no group shot, but in addition to not all being there at the same time, my “camera person” had elected to sleep in that morning.

And for the record, while 3 attendees in New Zealand is less than the 4 with whom I met in Australia, I feel the need to point out that on a per capita basis, New Zealand was better represented. Smile

Not that New Zealand and Australia ever compete in anything, of course.

2 thoughts on “Auckland Meet-Up”

  1. You know we’d love to be there, but since we can’t, thanks for rubbing it in! 🙂 To “Hell” with ya’….oh, wait…never mind, you’ve already been there! 🙂 Did they have a Starbucks on your all-day bus trip?? 🙂 Glad you’re having fun! Don

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