A Few Days in Sequim

Sequim, Washington, on the north coast of the state’s Olympic Peninsula, is a two and a half hour drive and ferry-ride from home, and a world away. We decided to take a few days away prior to Christmas, staying at one of the Sequim Retreats vacation rentals owned by a very good friend.

Naturally I took the opportunity to dry-run some of the things I plan for our longer trip earlier next year.

One of the things I’m most concerned about while traveling are the photographs I take. Almost everything else can be replaced, should something happen, with the exception of the photographs.

What that means is that while traveling I’ll be more paranoid that usual. At the end of each day I expect to make sure that every photograph taken exists in at least two different locations.

Sequim Beach
Dungeness County Park, Sequim, Washington
  • I’ll copy each day’s photos to my laptop. (I’ll not remove them from the camera’s flash card until at least one more copy’s been made, and even then not until the CF fills up.
  • At the end of each day I also plan to run a backup script that will dump photos, and other important things, to the external Seagate FreeAgent Go I’ll be taking with me.
  • At least once in each city during “the down-under trip” I’ll make a copy of the photographs taken to date (or since the last city), copy those to another compact flash card, and mail it back home.

A little much? Perhaps. But definitely a case of “better safe than sorry”.

Also being tested here in Sequim? This. Making a post, uploading photos to Flickr, and creating a post while on the road.

So far, so good.

The photo? Taken at Dungeness County Park, north of Sequim, bordering the Straight of Juan de Fuca across from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

We’d had an exceptionally cold night, and come mid afternoon we were walking westward on the bluff overlooking the straight. As the sunshine heated up the ice/snow/moisture a kind of fog was rising from the open fields ahead of us. The seagull was just an added bonus.