The Unlocked Cell Phone

Folks overseas probably thing this is kinda silly, but as it turns out our cell phones simply won’t work overseas. In our case our carrier (Verizon) uses CDMA technology which isn’t even used overseas. Other carriers use the more globally accepted GSM technology, but “lock” their cell phones to their networks. Get a phone from […]

The Dungeness River

The Dungeness River flows north from the Mountains on Washington’s Olympic peninsula along side the city of Sequim and empties into the Strait of Juan de Fuca which separates the United States from Canada’s Vancouver Island (and, coincidentally, my birthplace, Victoria). Along the way from mountains to ocean, the Dungeness passes the small community where […]

A Few Days in Sequim

Sequim, Washington, on the north coast of the state’s Olympic Peninsula, is a two and a half hour drive and ferry-ride from home, and a world away. We decided to take a few days away prior to Christmas, staying at one of the Sequim Retreats vacation rentals owned by a very good friend. Naturally I took […]

Australia and New Zealand

We’re going on a trip!

Year 6 of Wierdness

Another year of Ask Leo! and the questions don’t fail to inspire … and dissappoint. Here’s this years collection of the odd, the strange, the off-the-wall quesions. As always, every question is a real question I’ve received via Ask Leo! within the last year, presented exactly as I got it (except that any potentially identifying […]

Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and Me

The recent deaths of pop icon Michael Jackson and pitchman Billy Mays caught me be surprise. Not that their deaths shouldn’t have been unexpected – they were – and by everyone, not just myself. No, the problem, and the personal impact, relates to the fact that they were my peers.

Providence Marianwood – Family Story and Ask

[I was asked once again to speak at the spring luncheon for Providence Marianwood, the long term care facility at which my father lived for his last 4.5 years. The keynote speaker for the luncheon was Robert Fulghum. I was also preceded by Gene Muren, whose wife Debra is a resident of the same wing […]

My EADS luncheon talk

This is the “Family Story” and “Ask” that I presented at the Elder and Adult Day Services luncheon on Februay 5th, 2009. (Dr. John Medina of Brain Rules was the keynote speaker.) I’m here to tell you some things that you probably already know. Like my story.

A Store Goes Empty

The doll shop is officially “between locations” right now – our brick and mortar location is not only closed, but as of today empty.

5 Years. And some things never change.

August 10th marks the 5th anniversary of Ask Leo!. Technology changes, some things come and go, but one thing that never changes is the stream of the odd, the strange, and the downright … ok, I’ll say it … stupid questions that show up in the Ask Leo! question queue. As has been my tradition, […]

New unit of measurement: The Bible?

The Bible turns out to be a handy unit of measurement, particularly when you’re trying to help folks some grasp large storage media or data transfer rates. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in what’s in it, of course, it’s just that most folks have seen one. I’d wager that most folks have a reasonable […]

Seattle Native Test

OK, this is a test for everyone who claims to be a Seattle native/local. What is this:

Seattle has no full time news radio station.

Yes, yes, I know that the two heavyweights in the Seattle marker, KIRO 710 and KOMO 1000 both claim to be news stations. And yet… KIRO changed branding some time ago from “News Radio” to “News Talk” to finally reflect more accurately what they really broadcast: News and Talk. More of the later than the […]

Why yes, I do live in Seattle.

During my recent trip to San Antonio, I found myself in a small shop (gourmet dog cookies, if you must know) across from a Starbucks. I told the proprietor that I was visiting from Seattle, and she immediately said, “Yes, the home of Starbucks!” Indeed. It made me realize that I’m really, really from Seattle, […]

Geek is Good

So my credit card company (or rather, the credit card company that issued the corporate cards used for my wife’s business “upgraded” their card access web site recently. Already you can see where this is going.

Leo J. Notenboom

A number of people have expressed sadness at my father’s passing. And yes, it is definitely sad to lose your father at any age. But this is a case worthy also of happiness and celebration. My father lead a rich, long life. He died as peacefully as we could have hoped for, and in the […]

Half Century Mark

50 years ago today, 9 months after a snowstorm hit the greater Victoria, B.C. area (or so I’ve been told), I showed up. It’s been quite the ride, so far. An interesting thing to watch as you age are your beliefs and opinions. Some solidify (into concrete, if my father is any indication), and others […]

The One Big Thing – In Your Way?

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about what was coming next for her web site. She has a new site design. The design itself is ready to go, and I’d say that the “important stuff” has been moved into it, but not everything. A bunch of older content hasn’t yet […]

Those “Other” Questions

Today’s the fourth anniversary of Ask Leo!, and that means it’s time to collect up some of the questions that you didn’t see me answer. You’ll soon see why. We’ve got quite the bumper crop this year. As always, every question is a real question I’ve received via Ask Leo! within the last year, presented […]


Cleaning out a desk drawer I stumbled onto one of these: