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Coda: Some Random Observations

These are just some quite literally random observations – thing that we noted during or after our trip that we felt were worthy of a remark or two.

Part 7: Auckland, Volcanos and The Marriage Survives!

Reminder: More pictures at We finally arrived in Auckland in the late afternoon. Our hotel was lovely, if a bit unexpected. The Langham Hotel is veddy, veddy much in the old British style, stately and serene with butlers galore to take care of you. We heard that this is where former president Clinton stays […]

Part 6: Rotorua (where the wind can break freely) … and Worms that Glow

We happily bade Christchurch farewell and flew off to Rotorua. Rotorua is a special place. Not only is it scenic, but it’s also quite aromatic, and not in a good way. Rotorua and its environs are the home to a lot of volcanic activity, which produces a lot of not-so-lovely sulfuric odor. Hard-boiled eggs, anyone?