Dagmar (Windshyre’s Winter Shadows) 2004-2017 Dagmar was our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi – “the Corgi with a tail”. And what a tail it was! While genetically not a “fluffy”, Dagmar was blessed with a particularly luxurious coat that gave her long flowing feathers and and a flag-like tail. We’d actually met Dagmar in 2007 on […]

Dagmar Spring Update

It’s been awhile since I posted an update on Dagmar’s chemotherapy, so … No news is very good news. Dagmar finished her chemotherapy a couple of weeks ago and all is well. As I was telling our regular vet just the other day, aside from the original discovery, and one trip to the ER, and […]

Dagmar Update

Since the last post was all about Dagmar’s ER visit, I didn’t want to leave that as the most recent post here on my blog. Short version: chemotherapy continues, but she’s doing really well. Ever since the events that lead up to the ER visit (and the errors made by the vet there), we’ve been […]

Dagmar at the ER vet….

(Originally posted on Facebook, moved here for easier access for friends not on Facebook….) Dagmar’s at the emergency vet [Thursday], and may be there for a day or so. (Update: she’s home! See updates below.) After Monday’s chemotherapy she started to take a somewhat expected dive yesterday morning, refusing food. (Never a good sign in […]

Helen’s Journey

Helen was a special dog, in more ways than most people imagine. Not long after birth in 1999 Helen was diagnosed as completely blind. As she grew that evaluation turned out not to be 100% accurate as her vision appeared to improve as she got a little older. In fact, as an adult most people […]

Lurch’s Story

Lurch came to us in August of 1996, and we’ve had many questions about him since. Lurch was part of a feral litter, found by our veterinarian’s daughter in an empty lot. The mother was taken by animal control, but the litter was left behind. One by one, all were adopted to friends and clientele, […]