We Want Knowledge

Sometimes the most important question to answer for others is “why”.

It’s Not A War On Truth

It’s not a war on truth. It’s a war on sometime even more important….

Deep Thought

I sometimes wonder if we’re becoming less and less capable of what I’ll call deep thought. And by “we” of course I mean “I”.

We Are All SO Different

I often like to tell people that I love my coffee but that I can stop any time … because I’ve done it before. Some years ago I elected to try reducing my coffee intake to zero, and did so cold-turkey. What amazes most people is that I did not experience headaches as a result. […]

Thick Skin Required

Had someone call me an idiot and a moron yesterday for my Galaxy Note 7 piece. (Don’t look for it in the comments, it was an emailed reply.) Apparently he had a beef with Samsung. Whatever.

Why Public?

One of the first questions I asked myself about doing this whole daily thing is “why make it public”? Why am I doing this on a public blog where anyone can come along and read … and judge? Because of course judge, they will. A couple of reasons came to mind.

An Exercise in Focus, Writing, and Gratitude

In 321 days I’ll turn 60. One of those arbitrary, round-number birthdays (though a friend often argues our “real” birthday’s are 280 days earlier). Nine years ago I did a “what I believe” post on my 50th, and I kind of expect to do the same again. Between then and now I want to model one […]